Our Products

Iscon Surgicals Ltd. is a name to trust for premium quality Cannulae Disposable and Re-usable, surgical equipments, and surgical disposables. We are a globally renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the following products:

Disposable Medical Devices
Single Use Needles Single Use Syringes Auto Disable Syringes
Perfusion Sets Aspiration Needles Spinal Anaesthesia Needles
Epidural Anaesthesia Needles Biopsy Needles Suction Tubes
Huber Needles Body Piercing Needles Disposable Surgical Needles
Reusable Medical Devices
Abram's Pleural Biopsy Needles Animal Feeding Needle Bailey Functional Security Stop Needle
Barker Needle Chiba Type Needle Cone Biopsy Needle
Cope Needle Set Crawford Epidural Needle Epidural Tuohy Anesthesia Needle
Freeman Needle Hypodermic Needle (Luer Lock) Jamshedi Needle
Kilma Rossegar Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle Menghini Technique Aspirating Needle Set Parker Pearson Needle Set
Quincke Babcock Needle Rosenthal Needle Silverman Standard Needle with Split Canulae
Tuohy Needle (With Marking) Tuohy (Weiss Type) Needle Westcott Type Biopsy Needle
Ophthalmic Cannulae
Anaesthesia Cystotomes Lacrimals
Air Injection and Irrigation Hydrodissection / Hydrodelineation Cortex Aspirating Cannulae
Irregating and Aspirating Cannulae Capsule Polishers
Lens Removal Cannulae Vitreoretinal Accessories
Bimanual Lasik Glaucoma
Micro Surgical Instruments
Speculums Retractors and Depressors Lacrimal and DCR Instruments
Hooks Spatulas Loops
Spoons and Curettes Nucleus Rotators and Lens Manipulators Calipers
Forceps Scissors Needle Holders
Lazer Blade Braker Sterilization Trays
Micro Surgical Blades
Pricon Gold Pricon Premium Pricon Pearl
Miscellaneous Instruments
Micro Iris Retractor Eye Shield Endothelial Donor Corneal Button Punch
Suction Trephine Disposable Trephine PTFE Blocks
Diagnostic Strips Artificial Eyes Spherical Implants
Conformer Castroveijo Implants
Veterinary Needles
Hypodermic Needles (Luer Lock) Hypodermic Needle Veterinary (Threaded Mount) Laboratory Pipetting Needle
Animal Feeding/Incubation Needle Laboratory Procedural Needles Micro-Emulsifying Needle
Pencil Point Septum Penetration Needle Cancer Implant Needle Large Hose Hub Needle
Agar Cutting Needle

Suture Needles
Curved Triangular Hagedorn's Straight Intestinal Straight
Intestinal Curved Intestinal Half Curved Kalt Corneal Needle
Kelly's Intestinal Liver Curved Mayo's Triangular
Post Mortem Curved Post Mortem Half Curved Reverse Cutting
Round Body Curved Round Body Half Curved Round Body Straight
Sim's Abdominal Straight Triangular
OEM Supplies
Flaring Swaging Bending
Brazing Profiles

Our Clientele

Our products are exported to Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Canada and many other developed countries under the registered brand name of "PRICON".

Quality Assurance

Guidelines and procedures issued by WHO / WHO-GMP are followed in order to deliver a non-toxic and non-pyrogen range of surgical disposables, disposable surgical needles and equipments to our valued clients. The products are packaged in durable packaging material to ensure uncontaminated transportation.

The company is an OEM service provider and holds prestigious membership of PLEXIL.

Our Infrastructure

The company has production facilities at four different areas in Jodhpur, India which has architectural area of about 75, 000 sq. ft. Our overall setup have been categorized into the following divisions:
  • Engineering Division
  • Medical Division
  • OEM Design and Manufacturing Division, etc.
Entire manufacturing activity at Iscon Surgicals Ltd. is carried out in consonance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). About 300 employees support the company that includes engineers, technologists, machinist, designers, tool makers and plastic technologists, and few others who are specialist in their field.

Our Technological Strength

The company's production unit is outfitted with latest technologies and equipments like:
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Fully Automatic Cannulate Grinding Machines
  • Blasting Machines
  • Electro Polishing Machines
  • Semi and Fully Automated Needle Assembly Lines
  • Semi and Fully Automated Syringe Assembly Lines
  • Blister Packaging Machines
  • Ribbon Packing Machines and many more.
Backed by such a well planned technological strength, Iscon Surgicals Ltd. has out paced many of its rivals in the markets.

Our R & D Department

The Company's R&D Center is our core asset. This department focuses on every ongoing research programme in consultation with world's reputed large industrial houses and surgeons of global repute to produce more efficient variety of medical application products.


We have win several awards like Second Best National Productivity Award and State Excellence Export Award. With three decades of experience, Iscon, as a group, is capable of responding efficiently to the present market needs. Besides this, we also undertake OEM product manufacturing by developing prototypes and offering services straight from the product conceptualization to the final manufacturing and delivery.

Why Us?
  • A wide range of superlative products
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery schedules and client satisfaction our priority
  • State-of-the-art facility loaded with modern technologies
  • Team of experts to monitor production process
  • Strict compliance of WHO-GMP and other internationally accepted production norms.