Reusable Cannula
We deal in best-quality Reusable Cannula, which find applicability in medical sectors such as medical college, nursing home, hospital, and many more. These cannula of pointed ends are not prone to corrosion and make surgeries easy.
Ophthalmic Instruments
Offered Ophthalmic Instruments are made to prevent as well as potential eye damage, disease or damages. These devices aid in holding tissue as well as in restricting movement during the process of opthalmology.
We deal in Ophthalmic Microsurgical Instruments, which have been made to prevent the eye injuries, damage and disease. These can restrict the movements made during opthalmology.
Surgical Needles
Surgical Needles are the medical devices employed to grip body tissues together after an injury or operation. These come in number of assorted sizes, shapes and thread materials and are used in hospitals as well as clinics.
Disposable Cannula
Disposable Cannulas are used to insert into all arteries, usually the radial artery. These are applicable in major operations as well as in critical care areas so as to measure beat-to-beat blood pressure.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizers we offer are much needed for the hygiene and protection from viral infections. They can kill the germs that cannot be killed with soap and water.
Disposable Syringes
While sterilised glass syringes can be reused, disposable plastic syringes are supposed to be used only once. The a/d syringes are one-shot injections, which automatically break or jam after being used once, and cannot be reused.
Perfusion Sets
We offer Perfusion Sets which are exclusively designed to achieve flow assays in ibidi channel slides as well as in ibidi Pump System. These allow for flow calibration and are accessible in sterile packaging.
Infrared Thermometer
Offered high-quality Infrared Thermometers are the handheld devices, made to show temperature readout. Their main task is to read a specific spot on the walls surface.
Face Shield
Face shields we deal in are mainly suited to protect the eyes of the wearer. They are made to cover the nose and mouth. The shields are worn to stop the spread of respiratory droplets.
Veterinary Needles
Veterinary needles are reusable needles made from stainless steel and supplied in different sizes. These needles are used for vaccinating and medicating drugs to animals. Hypodermic needles is apt for intramuscular use.
Infusion Sets
Iscon Surgicals Ltd. is a reliable source of single use infusion sets for infusion delivery. The medication is infused in a controlled manner. It allows the healthcare professional to adjust the flow of medication through IV.